Marathon Boating

Marathon Key Boating Recreation

Marathon Key boating recreation is some of the finest in the Sunshine State (and even the entire country). It’s where many residents and even far more visitors alike enjoy in some of the finest fishing, both around the shoreline and deep water. Plus, there’s other boating and water opportunities in and around Marathon Key or simply, Marathon.

Marathon Key boating recreation is where you’ll find many different kinds of relaxation and adventure. This is due to the fact that Marathon isn’t just a single location, but it’s a collection of thirteen islands, which are perhaps most well known for its beaches and barrier reef.

Marathon gets its name from the railroad that came with its development. Rail workers joked laying the infrastructure was a “marathon” event. The description stuck and it’s been so named since.

Marathon is home to many fine destinations, including Coco Plum Beach and Sombrero Beach, where loggerhead turtles gather. And, to Curry Hammock State Park and the Dolphin Research Center. It’s likewise home to Crane Point.

But, it’s the boating that attracts so many people to the area. Here, it’s possible to cruise just along the shoreline or venture out into the deep water. Whether sailing or sport fishing, there’s a lot to love about Marathon Key boating recreation.


Top Marathon Key Boating Rules to Know About


Marathon Key boating recreation is indeed enjoyable but it’s necessary to heed the rules of the water. The state of Florida promotes boating safety, asking people to enjoy the water while being responsible. To that end, here are the most important Marathon boating recreation rules to heed:

  1. Avoid reckless and careless operation. This is very important because it deals with safety on the water. For instance, speeding in no-wake zones or failure to properly yield and keep a distance from “diver down” flags constitutes reckless and careless operation.
  2. Do not boat under the influence. Watercraft operators are prohibited from being intoxicated by alcohol or any other substances. Doing so not only endangers passengers but puts other water vessels at risk, as well.
  3.  Fishing on the water requires a license. The state of Florida requires people to have a valid fishing license when angling from a watercraft.
  4. Obey all safety requirements. For instance, having enough flotation devices for all on board the vessel. In addition, having the proper lighting and a working fire extinguisher.
These rules are in place for good reason and to help people enjoy boating to its fullest.